What Are The Types of Exhibition Booths?

You are going to attend the fair that you have been waiting for a long time and you do not know what kind of exhibition booth you should choose? Choosing the right exhibition booth type for your company While preparing for a exhibition, you need to take the right steps at many stages. One of these steps is to decide on your exhibition booth type. The type of exhibition booth you will choose will also be the key to a successful exhibition process.

So, what are the exhibition booths you can choose for your company?

Inline Exhibition Booth

The most common type of booth, the inline exhibition booth, refers to the booths that are lined up in a row or side by side. The inline exhibition booths are surrounded by stands on all sides except one side. With this feature, you can focus your attention on your visitors and collaborate with other stands.

Perimeter Exhibition Booth

Perimeter exhibition booths are similar in structure to inline exhibition booth. Both stand types are surrounded by other stands. But the difference is that this type of option has access to a wall behind the cabinet. Perimeter exhibition booths allow for greater brand exposure and customer attention, with the potential for maximum height you can use in your design.

Peninsula Exhibition Booth

A peninsula exhibition booth is a type of stand usually located at the end of a line of booths or connected to another peninsula. The greatest benefit of a peninsula exhibition booth is that it provides customers and access to the booth from three sides. It also offers ample space and flexibility for your exhibition booth design and display height.

Island Exhibition Booth

Island exhibition booths are the type of stands that provide maximum visitor accessibility. Since all four sides are open, this type of booth increases the visit potential of customers. It also gives you the ultimate flexibility for your screen design, layout and height.

If you want to choose the right stand type and realize the most impressive design, you should work with an experienced manufacturer. We would be happy to assist you in this matter with our vast experience in the exhibition booth sector.

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